Since the number of generators is always on the rise, I decided it would be best to index them all on one page. I'll keep the index up-to-date — no, come on, let's be serious, I probably fucking won't.

Generators marked with were working last I checked; generators marked with are outdated but still operational. 'Custom' generators may include original characters, and often exclude many minor characters (and some not-so-minor ones).

If you want a generator made, throw me an email ([email protected]) or an ask on Tumblr and we'll talk.

Ace Attorney
Character Flaws
Eyeshield 21
Final Fantasy I - XIII
Fullmetal Alchemist
Kamen Rider Kabuto
MLP: Friendship is Magic
MLP: Friendship is Magic (+ Background Ponies)
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Pokémon Gen I - IV
Pokémon Natures
Pokémon Pairings
Prince of Tennis
Prince of Tennis (Hyoutei)
Prince of Tennis (Hyoutei + Higa)
Prince of Tennis (Rikkai)
Prince of Tennis (Shitenhouji)
Prince of Tennis (Seigaku)

Crossover Generators
BLEACH + TeniPuri + Ouran
TeniPuri + Pokémon
Ouran + TeniPuri

Custom Generators
Prince of Tennis

Upcoming Generators (Maybe)
BLEACH + Kuroshitsuji
Kuroshitsuji + Prince of Tennis